Rumel Chowdhury



Producer Story

Rumel Chowdhury is a Creative and visionary Producer with 13 years of career experience who has an
excellent eye of detail and deep passion for film and knowledge of all stages of film-making process. Displays excellent communication and decision-making skills. As a Producer he has created and
worked with various Television Commercials, Web Series, Digital Contents and Drama Fictions.


Qualifications Summary

Film and Television Production: Wide-ranging knowledge of film and video projects from inception
to completion. Effective at organizing and coordinating shoots; experience using production
equipment. Conduct script analysis and contribute to script changes. Ability to write and edit
scenes, treatments, and scripts; competent in film and sound editing.

Administration and Communication: Provide efficient administrative support for a diverse array of
program participants and staff. Prioritize and organize workloads to meet strict deadlines; train and
support team members. Establish and maintain strong working relationships with management, staff, and internal and external group. Strengths and

Accomplishments: Enthusiastic and creative; demonstrated ability to meet
deadlines and objectives. Excellent organizational and communication talents; solid skills in improving productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.



Diploma School
London Film School
Class of 2012
Govt. Science School & College
Class of 2004
Govt. Science School & College
Class of 2002


Core Competencies

  • Producing
  • Screenplay Writing
  • Production
  • Creative
  • Story Telling
  • Communication
  • Production Design
  • Team Leadership