Dope Productions is an independent television and film production company founded in 2011.

The company’s focus is on building and
Maintaining its reputation for creative & technical excellence, outstanding value, and professionalism. We also specialize in creating corporate videos and documentaries featuring our own characters as well as those of other companies.

And why the name ‘Dope Productions’…?

The modern meaning of DOPE is narcotic preparation used to stimulate. Dope Productions, as the name suggests, is the never-ending effort for the optimum result, with emphasis on quality. We do have addiction to create, visualize and present something worthy to audience. To us… making movie or drama is not just a way of earning money. We have a strong desire to create or make something which will stimulate and pave the way of whole industry. Our creations are not only comfort for eyes but also good meal for soul.
Bespoke for you…

Whichever category your video falls in, you will want to communicate your message to your audience in a clear and visually interesting manner. This is our specialty. We don’t do boring. We don’t do ‘video by numbers’. We don’t have set packages. What we do have is the understanding that every client is different and unique, and therefore so are the films we produce. We provide a full video production service from concepts, through script development, storyboarding, production, post production, special FX, graphics, DVD authoring and delivery. That does not mean we have to exclusively do everything, if you have an existing script or idea, we are happy to step in as and when you need us. We also work alongside agency clients to bring their corporate or web video creative to the screen.

What do we mean by ‘production value’?

The perceived value of the production on screen, compared to actual monetary value. For example, if a particular TV commercial has a budget of 50 thousand, we can make it look double that! Looks good for us, and looks good for you.
How do we do that?

Dope is arguably one of the best facility provider production house in the country, the creative crew and technicians also work for different reputed companies, as do our set build partners. Our directors are exprecienced and they do have strong academic and professional background as well … in a nutshell, part of the reason we can provide high end productions at reasonable cost. Likewise the facilities we work with the same talent for standurd budget. The rest of the savings are down to good producing!

More than TV & Movies…

Dope is dedicated to the continuous integration of new technologies through national and international collaborations in the film-making industry. The in-house team consists of audiovisual production professionals with diverse expertise. Dope seeks to enhance the Bangladesh film industry and expand beyond the borders of the Bangladeshi market.

TV Production…

We produce TV commercials for creative agencies and direct clients alike. If you need effective and professionally produced TV commercials that deliver good ROI (Return on Investment) then look no further. Our direct response TV production covers a wide range of sectors, including financial services TV, charity & fundraising direct response, and many more…like Corporate Video… Music Video…Film…3D & 2D Character Animation Team…

Creative team

Our talent director, actor will help you do it

We are the best team!

Our best team will will provide you all kind of creative idea or any kind of best video production as you need like;

Corporate Video... Music Video...Film...3D & 2D Character Animation...

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Assistant Director

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Assistant Director

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